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Rafael Nadal retires from match Miami Open 2016

Week 1 at the Miami Open is wrapping up and this weekend there were quite a few surprising results.

Seven players retired mid match and most of them because of heat exhaustion related issues. I live in South Florida and I must say that the weather was brutal this weekend, especially on Saturday. It wasn’t just the heat; it was the combo package of heat and humidity. It was trying for a relaxing beach walk, not to mention a competitive Masters 1000 match. So multiply the insane weather conditions with a sun-baked hard court in a tennis stadium. Nadal (ESP), Bellucci (BRA), Stakhovsky (UKR), Bedene (GBR), Bertens (NED), Jankovic (SRB), Bencic (SUI) retired from their matches and if I am not mistaken all because of dehydration, dizziness, fatigue or cramping, which condition is also heat related most of the time.

Now let’s talk about the massive upsets for a minute. Wawrinka (SUI), DelPotro (ARG), Lopez (ESP); also Isner (USA) and Querrey (USA) who had home court advantage and home crowd cheering for them. Ok, Isner lost against a fellow American, Tim Smyczek. But still… Out of the above mentioned ones, I definitely expected at least WOWrinka to make it into week 2. #nextgen Coric (CRO) and Zverev (GER) are both out as well.

The WTA upsets… Where do I begin? Kvitova (CZE), Wozniacki (DEN), Bouchard (CAN), Ivanovic (SRB), Suarez-Navarro (ESP), Stephens (USA), Stosur (AUS), Venus Williams (USA), Jankovic (SRB), Cibulkova (SVK), Lisicki (GER) and Errani (ITA).

Am I crazy to think that this is too much for week 1?!? Being that I am a tennisnut, of course I’ll be following the rest of the tournament. Actually, I am hoping to drive down to Key Biscayne at least two more days. When you have a Masters 1000 tournament literally in your “backyard” you try to go as much as you can.

To sum up the week in one thought, the biggest blow for the tournament (and crowd!) is that Federer and Nadal are out. I guarantee you that tomorrow we will be seeing practice pictures of them on a clay court somewhere in Europe. I am kinda ready for clay season myself.

Monte Carlo Rolex Masters starts on April 10th 2016 and it can’t come soon enough. Bring on the dirt!




  • Word “Tennis” is mentioned by W.Shakespeare in a history play Henry V in 1599.
  • Tennis originated in 12th century France, but at the beginning the ball was struck with the palm of the hand - hence the name jeu de paume ("game of the palm").
  • Rackets came into use in 16th century. The word “Racket” derives from the Arabic rakhat, meaning the palm of the hand.
  • A tennis match lasts approximately 2.5 hours, but the ball is only in play for approximately 20 minutes of that time.
  • Although there are few theories about it, the reason for the numbering of scores being "15", "30" and "40" is unknown.
  • Roughly 300 million balls are produced each year, which contributes around 22,000 tons of difficultly biodegradable rubber waste.
  • The shortest match ever was in the first round of the 2001 Shanghai between Francisco Clavet and Shan Jiang. It lasted 25 minutes.
  • The longest match was at the 2010 Wimbledon Championships between John Isner and Nickolas Mahut. It lasted 11h 05min and it took them 3 days to finish it.
  • In 1993 Monika Seles was stabbed in the back during the quarterfinal match in Hamburg by a disturbed Steffi Graf fan.
  • Tennis is considered “the white sport” since it had been a summer game for the higher class and white colour was a symbol of wealth.
  • The well-known "optic yellow" tennis balls were introduced in 1972 as a result of the research demonstrating that they were more visible on colour television.
  • The red clay is slower than the green, “Har-Tru” clay.
  • The only wild card to win the Men's Singles title was Goran Ivanisevic in 2001.
  • The biggest tennis stadium is Arthur Ashe – named by the first African American winner of the US Open.

Tennis History Books Being Rewritten...

We are all about the records these days. It is a privilege to live in the era of such tennis players as Federer, Nadal and Djokovic. Just think about it.

This year we could be witnesses of 10th Nadal’s Roland Garros title, or 8th Federer’s Wimbledon title, which should put him in front Pete Sampras. Also, we could see Career Grand Slam by Novak Djokovic , a record held only by 7 players in history and only by 3 in the Open Era ( Andre Agassi, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal).

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Australian Open 2015 - Impressions

Australian Open 2015 has been showing us how the order of the hierarchy is, with the rankings being pretty credible at the moment. Seven of the top ten players have made it to the quarters with only stand out coming in a form of Nick Kyrgios who was defeated by Murray in the last 8. The biggest suprise in the early stages of the tournament came from the loss of Roger Federer, who as seen in the last 2, 3 years, is very much affected by the lack of stability and many oscillations in form which lately has been quite topsy-turvy, while no denying of his ever present ability to excell at times, something he exemplarily failed in the match with Seppi, in which he looked a shadow of his former self.There were many unforced errors in that match, especially coming from the backhand side, the serve was not quite working as he committed 9 double faults, while his break points realization was only at 30%. And although he did have one point more in the overall match score, he played the crucial points badly, handling the match to Seppi, who did nothing spectacular to proceed to the fourth round.
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Performance Enhancing Drugs in Tennis

The news about Rafael Nadal being linked to doping isn't new. For the last five years, the world's no.1 netter has endured accusations of taking performance enhancing drugs to give him a significant advantage during his matches. However, the latest accusation from long time critic Christopher Rochus could be the most blatant shot to Nadal yet
Rochus, a former professional tennis player and the brother of Belgian netter Oliver Rochus, openly attacked Nadal during his championship match with Stanislas Wawrinka at the 2014 Australian Open. Serving as one of the anchors for Sports Euro's Australian Open coverage, Rochus accused the badly-hurt Nadal of faking his injury and taking 'shots' in the locker room.

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2014 analysis and 2015 preview

The 2014 has been pretty unconvincing year for all of the usual favorites. Not maintaining their form throughout the year or, as matter of a fact, being consistent at Grand Slams with the exception of Djokovic, who surely do not consider the past year as one his best, despite winning the Wimbledon title. There was some resurgence of a couple of players who are maturing on the big stage, a few surprises like Cilic coming on top at US Open and Wawrinka beating number 1 and 2 in the world at the time at Australian Open.
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Tennis Bet Types - Match Betting

The first type of bet you are probably going to see is also the most straightforward one, as you will simply need to guess who is going to win the match. However, there are some catches that you need to be aware about before placing a match bet. Namely, you need to check how your bet is going to be settled in the case of a retirement – some bookies, like Bet365, void all bets, while others settle bets in the favour of the player that didn’t retire. Some of them, like Pinnacle or Betfair, wait until the first set gets completed – if it gets completed, retirements will count as results, but if it doesn’t, all match bets will be void. Knowing such rules can save you plenty of nerves and money, especially if you know that one of the players in the match you are betting on might have some fitness problems that could force that player to retire.
This is the simplest type of tennis betting, simply choosing which player will win a match. The most important part of betting on individual matches is to get the best odds available. Handicappers that take their tennis betting seriously need to have funded accounts at several of the best betting sites, then compare odds at each of them.

Novak Djokovic: 5/4
Rafael Nadal: 4/7

In this scenario, a $5 profit would be won for every $4 wagered on Novak Djokovic. For Nadal, every $7 wagered would result in a $4 profit. 
For further reading, i strongly suggest you to see our article about tennis betting strategy
If you dont know how to convert between different formats of bettind odds article betting odds is what you need. 

Tennis Bet Types - Handicap Betting

Handicap betting is quite popular these days, but it is also the type of betting that often confuses inexperienced punters, so let’s explain what the handicap lines mean, as this is the crucial information. For example, let’s imagine that you would back Roger Federer to cover a -5.5 games line against Rafael Nadal. What that means is that your bet would win with the match ending with a scoreline like 6-4 6-2 (since 6+6-5.5 equals 6.5, which is more than Nadal’s 4+2 games), but it would lose with the match ending with a scoreline like 6-1 1-6 6-1 (since 6+1+6-5.5 equals 7.5, less than Nadal’s 1+6+1 games). It might seem a bit complicated at first, but let us assure you that you will get hang of things after your first few handicap bets.
If you are new to tennis punting/betting, Handicap or HCAP is one of the markets that people solely rely on for consistent profits. The reason is that, in Handicaps, you are not predicting the actual winner but on how a player performs. A Handicap market in Tennis simply means that one of the players is given an advantage at the beginning.
If you want to know what is average number of games that certain opponents play against each other go to our Head to Head page. If those players didn't played often Player statistics page will do the trick. Use filters on the left side to choose opponents characteristics. 

Tennis Bet Types - Set Betting

If you are brave enough, you can also guess the exact score of the match (or, from time to time, even the exact score of the first set). The odds are usually juicy – especially if you want to bet on a less popular player to win in straight sets – and you are usually going to get plenty of excitement for your money, but you should be aware of the fact that this kind of betting is very hard to get into and to profit from without huge swings. Go for it when you feel strong or if you simply want to have a small punt, but stay away if you want to have a calm afternoon.
In set betting, the punters job is to pick the exact result of a tennis match, based on sets won by each player. For example, will player X beat player Y 3-0, 3-1, or 3-2? Or, will player Y win 3-0, 3-1, or 3-2?

These bets can offer very enticing odds to punters. If you’re going to be set betting, make sure to do your research first. What is the head-to-head record between these players? How close have their matches been? Does the #48 player in the world give the #2 player fits? Find out before placing your bet on the #2 to wipe out the #48 in straight sets.
If you want to know what is average number of sets that certain opponents play against each other go to our Head to Head page. If those players didn't played often Player statistics page will do the trick. Use filters on the left side to choose opponents characteristics. 

Tennis Bet Types - First Set Winner

Matches can take quite some time before they are completed, but there is no need for bettors to bet on the entire clash, as many bookmakers offer bets on the winner of the first set. These bets might be of interest mainly for those of us who like to bet on the underdogs – after all, many favourites start slowly and the underdogs, who often start matches on a high before coming back to the ground, tend to take advantage of that. Stanislas Wawrinka is a good example of such a player, as he has a habit of starting slowly and then coming back strongly after working himself into the match.
If you want to know the first set statsistics that certain opponents play against each other go to our Head to Head page. If those players didn't played often Player statistics page will do the trick. Use filters on the left side to choose opponents characteristics. 

Tennis Betting Strategy - Motivation


Tournament category

This sub-factor is very much in relation with the ranking of the player. It may seem that a top 5 player is surly going to take the title on the Masters 250 event. But, often that doesn't happen. You should have in mind that the top players (Federer, Nadal, Djokovic, Murray) are highly motivated to do well on the most important events (Grand Slams, Masters 1000). They arrive on the smaller tournaments for a large appearance fee, or just to play few official matches as a warm up before big events. For those reasons, it is not rare to see the favorites go out of the tournament in early stages.

If you want to see which tournametns a player played before click here, choose player and than go to Tournaments played tab

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